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[*] spirit of communal unity and effort to achieve a particular objective



Yolanda brought chaos to the village of Omaganhan. Yolanda is internationally known as Haiyan and was the strongest typhoon ever to make landfall in recorded history. It destroyed wide parts of the Philippine islands, left hundreds of thousands homeless and caused the death of thousands.
The community of the village knows a tradition: Bayanihan describes a momentum, when the entire community stands in to solve the problem of a single member. But in the drain- ing effort of rebuilding almost every house of the village, everyone is looking out for themselves first.
The film follows a small initiative, that supported the construction of resilient houses for the poorest members of the community based on the principle of mutual support.
Throughout the technical processes of the construction of resilient homes, the film follows some of some villagers and gives an atmospheric insight into the place. It is a time, in which hope and happiness are some major ingredient to deal with the disaster on a daily basis.

 30 min.

Cebuano, English

2015 Philippines

Filmed and edited by Alec Barth

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